Come Sit @ the Bar

* Spring / Summer 2024 Book Now Open * 

You must contact me via email Prior to your first session, to discuss the look you want for your nails.  
Clients arriving without prior consultation may not receive the nails you are looking to get because of improper schedule booking. 
I will not be responsible for an inadequate booked session time without a consult or a trial done in advance.
The $20 secure appointment deposit can be made via 
Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or in person at the studio.  Secure deposits must be received within 12 hours of scheduling.  Deposits not received will incur a cancellation of booked appointment and you will not be able to book another appointment.
Deposits will not be returned if a cancellation or reschedule occurs less than 48 hours in advance of scheduled appointment.
I only use the highest quality nail products in the industry
for our health and safety.  
I do not use any products with MMA, DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde.
I believe using high quality and healthier nail products enriched with vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy nail foundation.
 Many of the products I use are vegan and cruelty free and are striving to make every product as planet-friendly as possible.
I follow strict adherence to the
New York State Beauty Enhancement Laws
for sanitizing & disinfection guidelines.  I provide a complimentary nail kit for all of my clients.  It includes all instruments to ensure a safe and sanitary nail service.  nail bar Lounge is a certified Rejuvenate Disinfection salon.  I have been awarded a Safe Salon Rating Certification by Doctor Robert Spalding from the MediNail Learning Center and by Athena Elliot, CEO and Founder of Safe Salon Rating.
      Sola Salon Studios are happy to announce that the Hauppauge location is the first on Long Island to have a state of the art air extraction and purifying system that continually cleans the indoor
air of pathogens, viruses and other airborne irritants creating a completely chemical-free and odorless environment.
 For more information about the 
Global Plasma Solution Purification System
check out the geo tag on our front door. 
Please note, not all products in the industry are blend-able.  
I cannot guarantee the wearability of your nails unless I remove the old product first.  Please select removal method when booking your appointment.  I must start off our nail relationship with a fresh set done by me so I can evaluate your proper fill in schedule.  If you do not want a fresh set, I will do a fill in over the old product but all future repairs will have no reflection on my workmanship until the old product has fully grown away.
 No complimentary repairs will be offered on fill ins done over old product.
I do not apply just nail art to customers with a prior foundation done somewhere else.  I use the best nail art products in the industry and I can only assure the quality of my work with the use of these products 
used in unison.